Database modelling tools driving you quackers? Stop ducking and diving and start using dbduck. Build your next PostgreSQL or MySQL database today.

Visualize Your Database

Ever tried ordering online, only for the item to turn up half the size? Sometimes its good to get your wings wet before you take the plunge.

It's the same with database design, you need to get a grasp of how things look from afar, as a whole. Visualizing your database design as you write it out, helps abstraction, helps layout and makes things easier.

Why Should DB Design Suck?

We hear you, we're fed up too, its bonkers aint it! Well enough's enough, lets make database look awesome, feel awesome and be awesome. We have a simple aim, to not get in your way and to not make database design suck webbed feet.

Now this is not gonna work overnight for sure, we are gonna make huge asses of ourselves, but we will stop the sucking in the end because no one loves things to suck do they?

We Want Features!

OK! We hear you, we want to give you what you want as quickly as possible, but at present this is a one duck show with limited funds little ducklings. We aim to bring on support for all major DB engines as quick as is ducking possible, slapping them straight upside your dome and giving you that fuzzy feeling.

As we work through all major DB engines we may try to move on to noSQL or other database types, but hey lets not look too far infront, lets concentrate on now, and get this show on the road.